Creation Bible Study: Baptism of Jesus

Making our own Manipulatives for Sunday Stories

The dolls we use for New Testament stories differ markedly from the “People of God” dolls used for old testament stories: they are larger and more realistic. The intent is that the difference will help underscore which stories are part of the Christian gospel, distinct from the mythic history of the Pentateuch. We use wire-frames six to eight inches high:

The heads and torsos of the wire frames are padded with fibre batting, and then the frames are wrapped in strips of nylon stocking:

Beards and hair are then knotted onto the dolls' heads using embroidery floss, and clothes made from fabric scraps. Here is John with his leather girdle and rough wool tunic:

For the story of Jesus' baptism, I used a scroll-saw to cut waves for the River Jordon and a dove shape from 1/8 poplar hobby board, and stained them with translucent stain that let the wood-grain show through. This was only the second time I'd ever used a scroll saw, but fortunately it's a lot like using a sewing machine.