No Bad Kids

“There is no such thins as a ‘bad kid’ - just angry, hurt, tired, scared, confused, 
impulsive ones expressing their feelings and needs the only way they know how. We owe 
it to every single one of them to always remember that.”

- Educator Jessica Stephens


People have on average about 120 hours per month of productivity in them. If you work two 60-hour weeks in a row, your productivity for the next two weeks will be crap.

Old School Conservative

People told me “If you aren’t liberal when you’re young you’re heartless. If you aren’t conservative when you’re old you’re brainless.”

Give 100 Percent

I gave blood today, and while I was sipping my tea and soup afterward under the watchful eye of CBS volunteers, I noticed a thank-you card on my table. It read:

Always give 100%. Unless you’re giving blood.

Sell Montana

Petition: Sell Montana to Canada for $1 trillion

Someone has started a petition on to sell Montana to Canada for one trillion dollars. The Great Falls Tribune picked up the story, stating “We have a few questions.” In fact, the Great Falls Tribune has about 32 questions related to this shitpost, which I would like to answer: