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This on-line Bible is being transcribed from, starting with the base text document produced by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) from the source PDF document. Gray text indicates that the OCR-generated text is not yet checked for accuracy against the PDF. Once checked, the text colour will be set to black. Checking and transcription are being done roughly in the order that the Scriptures are addressed in the Revised Common Lectionary.

Since the source document was printed in 1888, it is out of copyright and in the public domain. You may cut and paste from this work as you wish.

If you are learning Gaelic (Gaidhlig) and want to actually hear the scripture, I refer you to the blog of R. U. Maclean at, which includes transcriptions and readings of the first nine chapters of Genesis see. You can also listen to regular weekly sermons here to tune your ear to the Gaelic sounds of God's word, with the added bonus of Gaelic psalmody preceding some of the sermons.

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Access the Bible as a single HTML file. This is fairly large and takes a while to download. You can download individual sections instead:

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